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Posted on Oct 3, 2013

This Woman's Fiance Surprised Her With A Wedding Based Entirely On Her Pinboard

In a real life version of Don't Tell The Bride, Ryan Leak proposed to his girlfriend and got married on the same day after planning the entire wedding based on her Pinterest boards. Game changer.

Ryan and Amanda Leak.

Ryan Leak has basically upped the ante for any gentleman hoping to propose to their girlfriends in a special (internet viral hit) fashion.

Leak has also spoiled things for anyone boasting that they planned their dream wedding "in only three weeks", as not only did he plan his girlfriend's dream wedding entirely on his own, he did so by using her Pinterest boards. And they got married on the same day she said yes.

Leak proposed while the couple were on "holiday" in Miami, and when Amanda said yes, he swept her off her feet and they headed directly to a hotel where 100 of their family and friends were waiting.

Leak said that Pinterest was an "amazing" help in his planning process and that Amanda had "basically planned her dream wedding without even knowing it." Something tells us she knew what she was doing by posting her "dream wedding" on Pinterest...

The dress:

The make-up:

The flowers:

And here is the video:

View this video on YouTube

Amanda, now Mrs. Leak, said that she never dreamed she could have a "Pinterest wedding" and that Ryan simply didn't settle for her "watered down version of my 'dream wedding' — he went for the gusto."

He sure did, Amanda. He sure did.


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