The New "Tomb Raider" Trailer Focuses On Lara Croft's Mental Health

    Set in Lara Croft's therapist's office, the trailer shows how the Tomb Raider has been "pushed to her physical and mental limits".

    At the start of the new trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider we're met with the sound of a man's voice, telling Lara Croft to open her eyes when she's ready.

    "I think we're making progress in these sessions," the man continues, and it becomes clear the man is actually Croft's therapist, who she's been seeing on a regular basis.

    He mentions that Croft's "flashbacks" have stopped, but he still has concerns. At the mention of "flashbacks" we're showed footage from 2013's Tomb Raider.

    As her therapist tells her she needs to "gradually take steps into the outside world", we see her sprinting from a bear and throwing herself off a cliff.

    And as he tells her that a girl her age should be "pursuing new horizons" we see her dangling thousands of feet in the air by one arm.

    His words become even more absurd as he tells Lara he'd like to know she's "taking care of herself" as we then flashback to see her shooting some guy in the head with an arrow.

    Lara stays silent throughout the entire speech.

    Although her irritation is made clear as we're repeatedly shown her fingers digging into the chair, and her clenched fists.

    Her therapist continues talking, telling her that many who have experienced trauma become stuck, but that there are "other types of people" and asks Lara: "Do you know what happens to them?"

    Lara then breaks her silence with her only line of the entire trailer, responding simply with: "We become who we're meant to be."

    You can watch the full trailer for The Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One here:

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