It’s Now Illegal To Sell Irn Bru And Marmite In Canada

A British shop-owner is in hot water with Canadian food officials for selling some of Britain’s most beloved treats.

1. Tony Badger, the owner of a British food shop in Canada called Brit Foods, has reportedly been told to stop selling Marmite and Irn Bru because they contain illegal additives.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has apparently been cracking down on what it will allow to be sold in Canada, and has been increasing the number of inspections.

2. Badger has also been told he can no longer sell Penguin bars, Bovril, Lucazade and even Ovaltine.


The products have all been banned as they have “enriched with vitamins and mineral” and others “contained too much animal product.” Irn Bru contains Ponceau 4R, which is not on Canada’s approved food list.

3. Badger has had his shipments over Christmas delayed because of CIFA, and has suffered around $20,000 in damages. However, he seems most upset by the “insanity” of CIFA’s problem with Irn Bru.

“I haven’t heard of anyone dying from consuming Irn-Bru in Scotland or Britain. So hopefully we will get a favourable decision.”

4. But, despite the “insanity” Badger has apparently pulled the remainder of his Marmite and Irn Bru stock from the shelves.

The CFIA have also confiscated numerous offending items from Badgers’ shop.

5. Expats from the U.K are, obviously just as OUTRAGED as Badger.

Canada ban marmite? That's a technical declaration of war isn't it?

— Emma Kennedy (@EmmaK67)

We won't rest till Canadians can enjoy both @CLS_Rob BBC News Canada orders Briton to stop selling Marmite + Irn Bru

— Tony Kay (@anthonypkay)

Canada 'orders Briton to stop selling Marmite and Irn Bru'>>>but you can buy guns...yeah that makes sense.

— angela garrod (@angegarrod)

RT @HattieK: CANADA, WE'RE DONE, WE CAN'T BE BFFS ANYMORE. How could you ban Marmite?

— dolly clackett (@dolly_clackett)

I'll give you my Irn-Bru when you pry it from my cold dead hands: Canada orders Brit to stop selling Marmite, Irn Bru

— Michael Munnik (@michaelmunnik)

11. But the fight isn’t over for Badger, as he says: “For a country that allows one to buy firearms, guns, bullets… stopping a soft drink suitable for all ages seems a little ludicrous.”

Oh, Canada…

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