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    41 Times Hillary Clinton Was Outta Control Sassy

    Secretary Clinton is tired of your shit.

    1. When she made this face at a reader at a book signing in 2003.

    2. And then made the same face again at a book signing in 2014.

    3. When she left her plane like dis.

    4. Greeted her hosts like dis.

    5. When she made this joke on Letterman.

    6. And added "pantsuit aficionado" in her Twitter bio.

    7. When she made this glorious "Wuddyagonnado?" face.

    8. "O RLY?!"

    9. "Pffffftttt."

    10. "Are you fucking kidding me?"

    11. "Technical issues? I got this, girl."

    12. "This is adequate."

    13. When she said this at Glamour's Women of the Year Awards: "I’m grateful to Glamour because they liked my pantsuits, and that was one of the highlights of my presidential campaign."

    14. When she was like "fuck it, I'm wearing teal" when everyone else was in black and white at a gala dinner.

    15. And then took a selfie with Meryl Streep.

    (Because they're besties, obvs.)

    16. This hair flip.

    17. This awkward decision.

    18. When she referred to her presidential campaign team as her "sisterhood of the travelling pantsuit".

    19. When she let her hair down at Café Havana in Colombia.

    20. And enjoyed a cold brew.

    21. When she wore this magnificent outfit to the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards in 2001.

    22. This sassy snickering.

    23. And EVEN MORE sassy snickering.

    24. When the presenters of The One Show told her they were going to ask her a question about "fashion".

    25. When, due to the popularity of the Texts From Hillary Tumblr, this was her first tweet:

    Thanks for the inspiration @ASmith83 & @Sllambe - I'll take it from here... #tweetsfromhillary

    26. And she made that photo both her Twitter avatar AND header photo.


    I love that @HillaryClinton has the "texts from Hillary" photo on the back of her new book.

    28. That time she wore these sunglasses.

    29. Her presidential bantz.

    30. "Could you not afford to book Beyoncé for this?!"

    31. When she wore this coat to a wedding.

    32. When she was asked who her favourite fashion designer was by the moderator of a panel and responded by saying: "Would you ever ask a man that question?"

    33. When she appeared on Saturday Night Live with Amy Poehler, who was in her Hillary Clinton guise.

    34. When she made this face after being asked how she feels about the legalisation of marijuana.

    35. When she was mesmerised by William Hague's tie.

    36. When she danced like this with jazz singer Judith Sephuma.

    37. When the "Iron My Shirt" guy interrupted her talk and she turned the house lights on him, saying: "Oh, the remnants of sexism – alive and well!"

    38. That time she made her own Texts From Hillary submission.

    39. When Bill Clinton revealed that Hillary has "absolutely not" asked for his opinion on whether or not she should run for president.

    40. And if you don't like what Hillary has to say?

    41. Here's to you, secretary of sass.