River Island Removes Sexist “Anti-Nag Gag” After Backlash On Twitter

Twitter was not impressed by the online shops’ novelty “domestic” item.

1. It came to Twitter’s attention today that online retail shop River Island was selling a novelty item called “The Domestic Anti Nag Gag”, which features a tiny, foam football to “gag” your (presumably) female partner with.

2. Needless to say, the majority of Twitter users were not impressed.

5. (Although, this being the internet, some people didn’t quite see why it was so bad…)

Be proud of your supporters, River Island. RT “@CfcRyanS: @ofbeingidleee @salihughes @riverisland Put my balls in your mouth instead xxxx”

— Sali Hughes (@salihughes)

There are some women who are asking; "oh why are people offended?" by the River Island item. As if they need to be told. Uneducated twits.

— Nat (@Liverbird_3)

8. Hours into the outrage, River Island confirmed it would no longer be stocking the item.

9. And released a statement, saying they were sorry to hear the item upset people.

We are sorry to hear that one of our novelty gifts has caused upset to our customers. We have now removed this item from the site.

— River Island (@riverisland)

10. Which wasn’t exactly the response many were looking for.

'We're sorry one of our novelty gifts caused upset' isn't an apology. Try 'We're sorry we stocked a disgusting novelty gift' @riverisland

— Lynn Schreiber (@LynnCSchreiber)

@LynnCSchreiber @riverisland oh god. 'Sorry you feel that way' is the worst kind of non-apology.

— Rachel Tripp (@rectripp)

Well done @riverisland, this is the kind of attitude your "novelty" item enables. And another pathetic non-apology.

— Mr Wood (@woodo79)

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