Burst Pipe Causes 50,000 Gallons Of Oil To Spill Onto The Streets Of Los Angeles

DEVELOPING: Crude oil was seen “shooting upward in the sky” and on to the roof of local strip club.

1. UPDATED – 6:37 a.m, ET.

2. The Los Angeles Fire Department has confirmed that a pipe has burst, and 50,000 gallons of crude oil are now spilling into the streets of L.A.

3. According to NBC Los Angeles, the oil was was seen “shooting upward in the sky” and onto the nearby businesses, including the Gentlemen’s Club, a local strip club.

The LAFD said that the Gentlemen’s Club was evacuated.

5. The incident occurred in the Atwater Village area at 5175 West San Fernando Road.

The spill is across a half-mile area after an above-ground 20-inch oil line broke. The pipe burst around 1 a.m. local time.

6. The oil is apparently knee-deep in some areas, and has affected some local, commercial businesses.

LA HAZMAT: @LAFD reports 50,000+ gallons of oil spilled in LA street. Oil is knee high in some parts.

— Diedra Rodriguez (@deerodriguez)

MORE: The oil spill resulted from a pipe bursting. Oil is covering 1/2 mile area and some businesses are affected, per @LAFD.

— Diedra Rodriguez (@deerodriguez)

8. The oil line has reportedly been shut off and no one has been injured.

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