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    The 42 Sassiest Things That Have Ever Happened

    Who knew Jesus could be so sassy?

    1. When Sabrina the Teenage Witch said this.

    2. Sassy Jesus.

    3. This clock.


    4. This exchange between the Doctor and Donna Noble.

    5. This environmentally conscious printer.

    6. This starfish who is tired of your shit.

    7. This vending machine.

    8. This emotionally unstable ship.

    9. Dumbledore being Dumbledore.

    10. When Beyoncé did this.

    11. And this.

    Fox / Via

    12. And also this.

    13. This shady hedgehog.

    14. This owl.

    15. This owl with Zooey Deschanel.

    16. Jesus (again).

    17. Pretty much everything Captain Janeway has ever done.

    18. This planet.

    19. "Vogue Boy".

    20. "Batman" breaking it down.

    21. Nicki Minaj at the 2014 BET Awards.


    22. When Mariah Carey was thirsty.

    23. When Nicki and Mariah were judges together on American Idol.

    24. The Cat in the Hat.

    25. When Miley announced Justin Bieber won an(other) award.

    26. Just Taylor Swift in general.

    27. POTUS SASS.

    28. FLOTUS SASS.


    30. Any time anyone came into Joan's office and asked for advice.

    AMC / Via

    31. Sherlock sass.

    32. John Watson sass.

    BBC / Via

    33. Moriarty sass.

    34. Zac Efron walking.

    35. This weeping angel.

    36. All of these times Harry Potter was outta control sassy.

    37. This bird.

    38. These four ladies.

    HBO / Via

    39. OPRAH.

    Harpo / Via

    40. When Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera joined forces.

    NBC /

    41. This GIF.

    42. And, of course, George Takei being George Takei.

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