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    Posted on Aug 12, 2013

    Ministry Of Defence To Sell Brompton Road Tube Station

    The former London Underground station used in WWII during the Blitz is going up for sale - any takers?

    Matt Brown's Flickr / Via Flickr: londonmatt

    Brompton Road, the former London Underground station used as a World War II anti-aircraft command centre, will be sold by the Ministry of Defence next month.

    Standing between Harrods and the Victoria & Albert Museum, Brompton Road station was used between 1906 and 1934 as part of the Piccadilly Line before it was shut down due to lack of use. The station was used once again during the London Blitz by the then War Department to control anti-aircraft batteries to help protect against air raids.

    Aside from an old anti-aircraft battery area map, ammunition signs and an empty weapons rack, not much of the station's wartime remnants remain. However the Ministry of Defence's property surveyor Julian Chafer says the station "would have been the same sort of thing as you see in wartime films".

    Chafter believes the station will be sold at a high price, and that "specialist developers" could adapt the site. Subject to planning consent, Brompton Road station could even be turned into above ground housing.

    This is what it looks like inside Brompton Road station: