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    Macaulay Culkin Reportedly Stormed Off Stage After Someone Interrupted His Kazoo Solo

    His band's UK tour has not been going well.

    Macaulay Culkin's Velvet Underground tribute act, The Pizza Underground, has been booed at several of their gigs.

    Here they are being seriously heckled in Bristol.

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    There were a "couple people" that ruined things in Nottingham.

    Thank you so much Nottingham and dot to dot. Sorry that a couple people ruined it for everyone.

    And those "couple people" were later upgraded to "wankers".

    Facebook: pizzaunderground

    At the Nottingham gig the crowd apparently threw pints of beer at Culkin, prompting him to ask: "Why are you throwing those? I'd rather drink them!"

    And then it's reported that while performing in Manchester, Culkin "stormed off stage when someone interrupted his kazoo solo."

    Advice to Macaulay Culkin... at Home, Alone, is the only place to play your kazoo @newscomauHQ


    A pizza themed velvet underground tribute band with Macauley Culkin playing the kazoo. Wait, what?

    However, the band are keen to promote the less crappy descriptions of their gigs. Like this person, who thought they "killed it" in Manchester.

    @cheesedayz killed it in Manchester on Friday #anchovy #pussyjoel #za

    Look! They give out pizza!

    "@d2dnottingham: @cheesedayz in the house! " @MartynaSaysHey him handing you the pizza


    Ahh, amazing! @cheesedayz thank you so much for last night! <3

    "Big fun!"

    Big fun at @hareandhounds last night with @cheesedayz!


    Tonight was fun thanks to @cheesedayz at @hareandhounds :-)

    And the people coming to the show in Birmingham got FREE PIZZA!

    Ignore the haterz, Pizza Underground.

    Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in fishes. --Anchovy Warhol @AnchovyWarhol