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    45 Of Lady Gaga's Most Spectacular Wigs

    A very, very important list.

    This is what Lady Gaga's actual, natural hair looks like.

    But, it's no secret that Gaga absolutely loves her some wigs.

    Like, a lot.

    In celebration of all of Gaga's fabulous collection of fake hair, here is a very important ranking of 45 of Gaga's best, and most iconic wigs.

    45. The "Literally Woke Up Like This".

    44. The "Barbie's First Weave".

    43. The "IDGAF" bow horns.

    42. The "Soccer Mom" flip.

    41. The "Spot of Bother".

    40. The "Drunk Betty Draper".

    39. The "Just Your Average Blonde".

    38. The "Hollywood W(e)ave".

    37. The "Angelina".

    36. The "Glamour Puss".

    35. The "Real Housewives" bouffant.

    34. The "Roxy Hart".

    33. The "Cherry Cherry Boom Boom".

    32. The "Princess Bride (of Mordor)".

    31. The "Bad Frizzmance".

    30. The "Unteal the Break of Dawn".

    29. The "Balloon Rub".

    28. The "Pastel Topsy Turvy".

    27. The "Half and Half".

    26. The "Side Nubbins of Doom".

    25. The "White Lightning"

    24. The "Moldy Easter Egg".

    23. The "Ride It, Side Pony".

    22. "The Meltdown".

    21. The "Some Like It Rare" dip-dye.

    20. The "My Sassy Pony".

    19. The "Pink Massacre".

    18. The "Bow Down Bitches" oversized hair-bow.

    17. "Art Shock".

    16. The "Portlandia"

    15. The "Mint Dreamsicle".

    14. The "Pink Pony Express".

    13. The "Hogwarts Hussy".

    12. The "Fame Bobster".

    11. The "Can-Can".

    10. The "Jolly Green Giant".

    9. The "Jane Goes Blonde".

    8. The "Olympic Flame".

    7. The "Banged Bombshell".

    6. The "Cotton Ball of Destruction".

    5. The "Hair Bow"

    4. The "Bananarama".

    3. The "Calderone" Quiff.

    2. The "Matches The Carpet" Wig and Merkin combo.

    1. The "Warhol".