So Lady Gaga And Katy Perry Both Got Their Noses Pierced This Weekend

    And they BOTH posted videos of it on Instagram. What does it all mean?!

    Lady Gaga has had her septum pierced for a while.

    And in a recent promo shot for "This Is How We Do", Katy Perry debuted a (fake) septum piercing.

    But then, over the weekend, Perry got her nose pierced for real.

    And Lady Gaga posted an Instagram video of her having a "re-pierce" and going "up a gauge".

    And obviously, their fanbases have lots of opinions about what this all means (and who posted their video first).

    Lmao but wait...Katy Perry got her nose pierced...right after Gaga posted a video of her goin up a gauge.

    “@inGagasHeart: Gaga should nominate Katy Perry for Ice Bucket Challenge ” Katy will do it even if she isn't nominated just because Gaga is


    katy decided to get a nose piercing right after gaga gets hers. the extent of how reductive this woman is blows my mind.

    Not lady gaga posting a video of her getting her nose pierced after katy did... reductive

    It's safe to say that Lady Gaga's look has been a bit more, er, punk/goth over the last month.

    Hey there.

    And Perry's look has been very '90s punk since around April this year.

    Complete with green hair.

    And fishnets and tattoo choker necklaces.

    And studs!

    And mini-backpacks and plaid skirts.

    But, it turns out not everyone loves the green hair (or mechanical horses) so much.

    It looks like green hair and mechanical horses are the thing now

    Because Gaga has also had green hair.

    And a mechanical horse.

    This is the mechanical horse Perry rides during the "Dark Horse" segment of her Prismatic show.

    How to go out on a bang? On a mechanical horse dressed as Cleopatra.More Pristmatic pics here:

    Perry made what some are viewing as a dig at Gaga in her latest interview with Rolling Stone.


    Honestly, you’re not the Second Coming. You’re just an entertainer - KATY PERRY ABOUT GAGA. REALLY? N WHO ARE U KATY?

    But hopefully, this is all just COINCIDENCE and Katy Perry and Lady Gaga will one day be united in their punk/gothiness.