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Kangaroo Accidentally Gets Stuck In A Chemist's

A kangaroo that was injured in a car accident took refuge in a pharmacy in Melbourne airport.

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A small eastern grey kangaroo hopped into a pharmacy inside Melbourne airport after it was hit by a car inside the terminal.

The kangaroo took shoppers inside the pharmacy by surprise, and even of the pharmacy's employees continued on with his work as he thought talk of a kangaroo inside "was a bit of a joke."

Volunteers from Wildlife Victoria were called in to help bring the kangaroo to safety, and he was tranquilized and taken to a veterinarian to be examined. Volunteer Ella Rountree explained the kangaroo's condition, saying: "He has got injuries to his feet at the moment. His claws are quite worn, that's from hopping down the tarmac and things like that."

The kangaroo is now being called Cyrus, after one of the helpers on the scene. Hopefully he'll stay out of trouble and stay safe from now on.

Watch Cyrus' rescue in action:

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