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    Groom Forgets His Bride At A Gas Station

    A German man accidentally left his new bride at a gas station while they were on their honeymoon.

    A German man accidentally left his new wife at a petrol station. The worst part? They were on their honeymoon.

    On their way home from France, the newlyweds stopped to fill up their tank at a petrol station in Bad Hersfeld, Germany, when the groom drove off, accidentally leaving his bride behind. The man realized he had forgotten his new wife two and a half hours later, and called the police. They notified him that his wife was safe, and was still waiting for him at the petrol station.

    Speaking to radio station FFH, the woman explained that she isn't angry at her husband because he "didn't meant it", but said: "My first reaction was: is he stupid? I had no money and no telephone with me."

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