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24 Struggles Only People Who Are Constantly Hangry Will Understand

Because rage crying when you're hungry is a totally rational reaction.

1. When you wake up and then remember you have absolutely zero food in the house.

2. You've picked a fight with your significant other over something insane.

3. And you've actually fallen out with a friend over deciding where to eat.

4. As well as being the source of family arguments on holiday because everyone took too long to decide where to eat and you had a hanger meltdown.


5. You basically can't be blamed for what happens when someone makes the fatal mistake of pissing you off when you're in between meals.

6. But you should probably be wearing this T-shirt at all times.

7. When someone offers you some random, shitty snack to eat as if it will that cure your hunger.

8. When you're really hungry but then there's a QUEUE between you and your next meal.

9. And that queue is full of the slowest, stupidest people on the planet.

10. When people are complacent about meals, and schedule events/meeting at mealtimes without providing food.

11. But then you're just like, "Don't worry, I brought my own snacks." so this is what you look like in every meeting.

12. The horrendous realisation that your local shop is out of THE ONE THING that could fix your hunger.

"It's the only thing I want to eat. Nothing else will do. NOTHING."

13. When a waitress tells you they're out of the one thing you've been dreaming about all day.

14. Or when you go to a dinner party and they're only serving up crap you hate.


15. You're always hungry, and therefore your LOUD, ANGRY stomach has interrupted plenty of quiet moments.


16. Buffets are the WORST because you always end up behind the people who are taking their sweet time DECIDING.

17. You've almost had a mental breakdown at a posh event because you were starving and they only served tiny canapés.

18. You've also starved throughout and an entire wedding and by the time the cake finally showed up you'd lost all sense of dignity.

19. That magic moment when you find a friend that's just as hangry as you and your hanger cycles sync so you're always hangry at the same time.

20. You try to keep rations in your bag, so when you go to empty it out it basically looks like this.

21. When you get stuck eating a meal you don't even LIKE just so you don't kill any of the people around you.

22. When you order takeaway and just as the delivery guy drives away you realise that your order is WRONG.

23. Or when someone near you has food and it smells amazing but they won't share.

24. You know that the ideal partner is one that knows exactly when to feed you and why.

You didn't choose the Hangry Life, it chose you.