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21 Faces Every Barista Will Instantly Recognise

"I want a small, skinny, sugar-free vanilla, decaf latte... and then a chocolate doughnut." *eyes roll forever*

1. The "This Customer Is On Their Phone And Just Told Me To 'Hold On'" Face

A Band Apart / Giphy

"Oh sure. I'll just wait for you to finishing speaking to Carol. In your own time."

2. The "Somebody Just Asked For Extra, Extra Caramel" Face

CBS / Giphy

"You disgust me on so many levels."

3. The "Oh So You Just Want To Order An Ice Water?" Face


"Anything else, your highness?"

4. The "Oh Good You've Brought Your Complicated Drink Back To Tell Me I've Made It Wrong" Face

"It just doesn't taste right." That's because you're an idiot.

5. The "This Still Doesn't Taste Right, Could Someone Else Make My Drink?" Face

Bravo / Giphy


6. The "Customer Is Over-Pronouncing The Italian Name For This Drink" Face

"Hi I'd like a grandéééééé maaaach-eee-aaaaah-ta-oooooooh!"

7. The "Customer's Kids Are Destroying Everything In Sight While Their Mums Have A Chat" Face


8. The "Can I Have It Steamed To Exactly 142 Degrees?" Face

"Oh sure I WOULD LOVE TO."

9. The "A Customer Just Pointed To Which Exact Cookie They Want In the Pastry Case" Face


You'll have whichever cookie is most convenient for me to reach, you monster.

10. The "Gross Customer Thinks It's Appropriate To Hit On Me At Work" Face

New Line Cinema / Giphy

11. The "Can You Please Stop Fucking Watching Me Make Your Drink" Face

ABC / Giphy

12. The "You've Just Reached Over To Grab A Lid With Your Disgusting Hands" Face


"It's fine, I'm sure most people won't mind getting the flu."

13. The "Don't Get Excited I Asked For Your Name, It's Literally My Job" Face


14. The "Can You Make My Drink Faster? I'm Parked Illegally!" Face

ABC / Giphy

Literally not my problem, mate.

15. The "What Time Is Your Shift Over?" Face

Paramount / Giphy

Yeah no.

16. The "Customer Interrupting My Cigarette Break To Try And Talk To Me Like We're Friends" Face

Showtime /

17. The "Working At The Weekends FML" Face

NBC / Giphy

18. The "Waking Up At 4am Just To Make People Their Fucking Coffee" Face


19. The "Why Do I Still Smell Like Espresso And Burnt Toast Even Though I've Showered?!" Face


20. The "OMFG I'm Off On Holiday And Won't Have To Make Coffee For 2 Weeks!" Face

Bebo /

21. The "I Can't Believe Someone Just Asked Me To Make Their Coffee For Them When I'm On Holiday" Face

Fox / Giphy

"You make it the best, though!"

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