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    Durex Apologises For Facebook Ad Suggesting 28% Of Women Who "Resist" Eventually Consent

    The Durex Thailand ad was up for approximately 10 hours before being pulled.

    According to Forbes, the strapline in the Durex Thailand advertisement below translates as "28% of women that fought ended up consenting”.

    Durex Thailand has issued three apologies, all in Thai. One is below:

    Facebook: DurexThailand

    The rough English translation of the apology says there was a "misunderstanding" with the text of the ad, and that it's been deleted and that there was a miscommunication.

    Forbes suggested that the ad may have been intended to say that "28% of women that resist end up consenting” – which frankly isn't much better.

    Virgo Health, Durex Global's PR company, also apologised, but Durex Global is only referring to it as a "Facebook post" rather than an actual advertisement.

    It's also unclear where the mystery 28% statistic has came from.

    In a statement to Forbes, a Virgo Health account manager said: "We do not wish to discuss the source of the data in the Facebook post as it was misused in an offensive way and we do not want to give further publicity to the data or its source."

    The controversy coincides with Thailand's prime minister, Prayuth Chan-ocha, apologising for suggesting that tourists who wear bikinis in Thailand will only be safe from attacks if "they are not beautiful".