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Cheating Husband Tries To Win His Wife Back On Facebook

Ivan Lewis cheated on his wife. His grand plan to win her back? A handwritten plea on Facebook.

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Ivan Lewis made the mistake of cheating on his wife, and boy does he regret it. Despite his infidelity, he desperately wants his wife Sonya Gore back in his life. To make things up to Sonya, he posted this photo on Facebook, under the agreement that if it got more than 10,000 likes, she would take him back.

So far Ivan's poetic attempt at winning back Sonya has received over 14,600 likes, but it seems as though Sonya hasn't magically forgiven him yet, despite mentioning on her own Facebook that her and Ivan still love each other and "want to be loved." Ivan posted a thank you to his online supporters, adding: "I'M NOT GOING TO STOP UNTIL I GET HER BACK!"

You go, Ivan. You get her back. You go.