29 Things That Happen When You Get Married Really Young

    "Wow! That was...quick."

    1. When you tell people you're getting married, their face looks like this.

    2. Everyone assumes you're pregnant.

    3. If you're moving from another country to be with your future spouse, people assume you're just after a visa.

    4. They also assume you might be a virgin in a bit of a rush to get laid.

    5. They also assume you eloped, rather than having a wedding.

    6. And that you rushed into things.

    7. And got married against your parents' will.

    8. (Despite your parents actually being very happy for you.)

    9. Or that your controlling parents somehow pushed you into marriage.

    10. Because you're young, people assume you don't understand and appreciate the seriousness of gettin' hitched.

    11. But then everyone suddenly starts asking when you're going to have kids.

    "Wait I thought I was too young but now you're asking me if I'm ready for children?!"

    12. And you're like, "Dude, I'm 22."

    13. Which also means you can use the great excuse of: "Well, my eggs should be good for another 15 years or so, so we have time. THANKS FOR ASKING."

    14. When you mention you've been married for seven years and you look under 30, you can immediately see the confusion in people's eyes.

    15. You regularly joke that you got married when you were, like, 12.

    16. But it gets awkward because you can tell people are never sure if you're actually joking.

    17. For a very long time, you were the only married couple in your friend group.

    18. But it didn't really affect anything, because friendships obviously aren't based on what relationship statuses.

    19. And being friends with a long-term couple is basically the same thing as being friends with a married couple.

    20. But you occasionally meet another young, married couple who think you have SO MUCH in common just because you're both married.

    21. And you're like, "Really? Do we have to do this?"

    22. When single people you know say stuff like, "Well, you wouldn't know because you're married."

    23. Getting married young also means the budget for your wedding was hilariously low.

    24. And when you (finally) start attending weddings now that you're older, your mind is boggled by the amount of money people spend on this stuff.

    25. Charmingly, people have mentioned the statistics that couples who marry young are more likely to get divorced.

    26. And even if you did get divorced after marrying young.

    27. It means you still have plenty of time to find someone new.

    28. And, despite the judgement and misconceptions, you're thankful that you found your one and only when you were so young.

    29. And when you hit your 10 year anniversary, you'll be all like IN YOUR FACE to everyone that doubted you.