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    Olympic Opening Ceremony Bond Parachutist Dies In Accident

    Mark Sutton, the man who parachuted into the London 2012 opening ceremony as James Bond, has died in an accident.

    Mark Sutton, the stunt man who parachuted into the Olympic opening ceremony last year as Daniel Craig's double, has died in a wing-diving accident in Martigny, Switzerland.

    Sutton, 42, reportedly died after crashing into a rocky ridge. The former army officer was believed to have been invited to take part in a wing-diving event with 19 other wing-suit pilots. It is thought he dived from a helicopter flying 3,300 meters above ground, and that he intended to land in a village just across the French border. Police have said that a formal identification of the body and investigation of the crash are under way.

    Fellow stuntman Gary Connery parachuted into the Olympic stadium along side Sutton as the Queen's double, and has tweeted his reaction to Sutton's death, saying:

    Twitter users also expressed their shock and sadness at Sutton's passing:

    Danny Boyle has also paid tribute to Sutton in a statement, calling him both "gentle" and "thoughtful", and saying:

    "In a brilliant partnership with Gary Connery they made the stadium gasp at the Opening Ceremony in London 2012 and left indelible memories for people from all walks of life all over the world.

    "They were a delight to work with and after each practice jump brought their cheery, care-free smiles into the stadium control room. Their courage, professionalism and modesty were always a boost for those of us locked inside the park."

    Mark Sutton's family has travelled to Switzerland and it's believed his partner Victoria Homewood is already there, as she travelled with him to Chaminox prior to the accident.

    It is expected the repatriation of his body will take a few days.

    The magic moment we'll all remember Mark Sutton for:

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