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    32 Signs You're Obsessed With Your Nutribullet

    "Isn't it just a blender?" NO IT IS NOT.

    1. The day that your Nutribullet arrived was the day that everything changed.

    2. Somehow, smoothies like this feel as though they have changed your damn life.

    3. And suddenly, your Nutribullet has become your religion.

    4. Your morning routine now looks like this.

    Add. Spill. Swear. Blend. Sing. Drink. The end. #nutribullet #kale #spinach #strawberries #greekyogurt

    5. Your phone is full of photos like this.

    6. Your average snack is something like this.

    7. And this is basically what your kitchen looks like.

    8. Complete with SUPPLEMENTS.

    9. This happens on the regular.

    When they said the #nutribullet would change my life I didn't think it meant washing the kitchen walls before work

    10. You've had this happen to one of your bags.

    "Oh, it's so simple really, just like Gwyneth I always pop a green smoothie in my gym bag"

    RIP that smoothie.

    11. And to your car.

    My green kale smoothie spilled EVERYWHERE this am. #An absolute catastrophe.

    12. And on the train.

    Just spilled my entire large smoothie on the floor of the train. #mondays

    13. This noise brings you great joy.

    14. When you mention the Nutribullet online, people want to talk to you about it, and how it changed their life.

    @CateSevilla @NutribulletUk it changed my dad's life

    Or their dad's life.

    15. And you love it when people post their recipes.

    1 banana, handful spinach, 1 green apple, 1/2 an avocado, 1/2 a peeled orange, 1/2 lime squeezed + water to line. Best @thenutribullet yet!

    Yaaaasss tell me more!

    16. Your weekly shop makes you feel smug AF.

    17. You live in fear of the Max line.

    18. Sometimes you like to treat yourself and have it in a fancy glass.

    19. You no longer see fruits and vegetables like a normal person. You see fruit and vegetables and immediately think, "Oh! I could blend that!"

    20. "Oooh I could use those to blend with."

    21. "Is that too gross to blend? It's not, is it? It's not. I'll blend it."

    22. "Gonna blend the shit out these, too."

    23. You have basically turned into Tom from Blendtec.

    24. Your face whenever anyone asks, "But isn't it just a blender?"

    25. Because you don't just make smoothies. You can make soup.

    26. And hummus!

    27. And banana ice cream!

    28. And pancake mix!


    30. The people in your office don't quite understand why you keep showing up with cups of green sludge.

    My new hobby is horrifying my colleagues with the colour of my morning smoothies.

    31. Or sometimes brown sludge.

    32. Or sometimes a frozen poopsicle. 💩

    But you'll never stop. NutriBullet is life.

    Thumbnail images via Jennifer Paterson / NatrualMisfitVirgo