Beijing Destroys Grill Barbecues To Help Cut Down Pollution

Goodbye, barbecues of Beijing. Fare thee well.

In an attempt to cut back on air pollution, Beijing has destroyed more than 500 open-air barbecues.

Authorities say that by destroying barbecues, the city will cut back on the tiny particle PM2.5 which can enter deep into the lungs. State media showed images of workers destroying barbecues, and it’s reported “citizen bloggers” have mocked the efforts and said the government should be focusing their efforts on larger sources of pollution.

Apparently residents had complained about the odor and smoke from barbecues to environmental agencies in the past, and Ma Juan, the director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, has said:

“This action will help local residents, but to deal with the bigger air quality problem we need to have priorities and I think one of the major priorities should still be the motor vehicle emissions.”

He added that the government should be focusing on controlling the emissions of diesel trucks, improving fuel quality, and involving surrounding communities, not just Beijing, in on the efforts.

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