Banksy's "Meat Truck" Full Of Crying Stuffed Animals Is Now At Glastonbury

    The "Sirens of the Lambs" art installation, which is meant to represent animals being taken to the slaughterhouse, will roll across the festival at mealtimes.

    Banksy's truck full of squeaking stuffed animals being taken to the slaughterhouse has made its UK debut at Glastonbury 2014.

    The "Sirens of the Lambs" meat-truck art installation originally visited New York's meatpacking district back in October 2013.

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    The installation was eventually impounded by police.

    The truck is full of squeaking and crying stuffed animals, as well as animal puppets operated by puppeteers inside the truck.

    In April 2014 an illustration with the file name "meat-truck" appeared on Banksy's website in April 2014, without any further information or links.

    Which then made its way on to t-shirts.

    And canvases.

    And now "Sirens of the Lambs" and its driver are paying a visit to Glastonbury.

    Many seem rather confused by the truck.

    Others just seem a bit amused by it.

    And, of course, want to take the stuffed animals' photo.

    And it's even a hit with the kids, as obviously the artist's intention and inspiration for the piece is lost on them.

    #Banksy installation at #Glastonbury called 'The Sirens Of The Lambs' (Pic: PA)

    Unlike this vegetarian baby in New York City, who did not like it at all.

    Banksy's statement says when Glastonbury's organiser, Michael Eavis, was asked for a comment on the installation he said: "Is it some kind of animal rights thing? I’m not sure about it."