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Are You A Bad Feminist?

It's hard out here. And to make it even worse, you're probably feministing wrong.

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People have a lot to say about what feminists should and shouldn't do. Based on various feminist conversations and sources online, there are some very specific things that apparently only bad feminists do.

Check all that that apply to you to find out if you're a bad feminist!

  1. 1. Are you a bad feminist?

    You quite like Kate Middleton.
    You've been on a diet.
    You're thinking about going on a diet.
    You're on a diet right now.
    You read Cosmopolitan.
    You read Marie Claire.
    You read Closer.
    You read The Daily Mail.
    You read Femail, aka THE SIDEBAR OF SHAME.
    You seriously cannot remember the last time a day went by without reading said Sidebar of Shame.
    Nail art? YES, PLEASE.
    You have so many pink clothes you can do an entirely pink load of laundry.
    You don't really *get* Madonna.
    You like Miley Cyrus.
    You like Taylor Swift.
    You've seen Taylor Swift in concert.
    You genuinely don't care if someone changes their last name after they get married.
    ...mainly because YOU changed your last name after getting married.
    You don't mind participating in traditionally female tasks at home.
    You love makeup.
    You love makeup so much you never leave the house without it.
    You've worn false eyelashes.
    You've never been in a burlesque troop.
    You've never played roller derby.
    You've never participated in a "Reclaim The Night" march.
    You've never read "The Feminine Mystique".
    You've never read "How to Be a Woman".
    You read "How to Be a Woman" but didn't like it.
    You've never seen "Girls".
    You've seen "Girls" but don't really get what all the fuss is about.
    You shave your legs.
    You shave your armpits.
    You're a regular bikini waxer.
    Basically, the only hair on your body is the hair on your head.
    You've had some form of cosmetic surgery.
    You've been "the other woman".
    You don't like the word "vagina".
    You use the word "va-jay-jay" unironically.
    You don't use Twitter to talk about how angry you are about sexism.
    You unfollowed @EverydaySexism on Twitter.
    You've had to Google the word "intersectional".
    You always spell Bechdel Test like "Béchamel Test".
    You've never signed an online petition.
    You've never created an online petition.
    You think Beyoncé is a feminist icon — no question.
    You think Sheryl Sandberg and "leaning in" are both totally cool.
    You're not bothered about Hillary Clinton running for president.
    You own SPANX.
    You have a cleaner.
    You have no ambition to be a CEO or president or a MUMPRENEUR.
    "I just get along better with guys" is something you've said.
    You've never used a Mooncup.
    "Blurred Lines" is your jam.
    You'd like to go hunting with Sarah Palin.
    You regularly forget to check your privilege.
    You actually hate the word "feminist".

Are You A Bad Feminist?

Congratulations! Other feminists approve of your feminism! You are basically the Mary Poppins of feminism.

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You are a borderline acceptable feminist — or, as some would say, "problematic".

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You are HORRIBLE at feminism and are basically THE WORST. You should probably just throw in your pink, fluffy towel and carry on on watching "TOWIE" because OBVIOUSLY that's what you want to be doing instead of smashing the patriarchy with a hammer.

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