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    A Man Had His Facebook Account Locked For Liking "Faggots"

    But he was just talking about the meal. Obvs.

    Robert Wilkes was banned from Facebook for saying that he "likes faggots" – referring, of course, to the traditional meal of off-cuts and offal.

    As many people know, the word is also an offensive term in the U.S., and Wilkes had his Facebook account closed for 12 hours after other users complained about his post.

    "It may have a different meaning in America but I used it in a food context. Facebook allows beheading videos, cruelty to animals, stabbing and terrible swear words — but not this. It's political correctness gone mad."

    Another Facebook user, Eileen Perrin, also had her account locked for 12 hours after she posted a photo of the dish, as Facebook "misinterpreted" the word.

    If anyone was worried that Robert Wilkes has now gone off faggots because of the incident, he hasn't. The Sun have thankfully confirmed that he "still loves faggots and keeps supplies in his freezer."

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