37 People Whose Lives Have Been Literally DESTROYED By Hay Fever


It’s springtime, which means that millions of people’s lives are slowly being destroyed by pollen.

1. And, as everyone who suffers from hay fever and seasonal allergies knows, it is literally the worst experience one could have.

2. Many sufferers have reported they feel personally victimised by all of the pollen that wants to have sex with their face.

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I really hope I don't see anyone today, hay fever has proper victimised me

— (@OnekaShan)

Some sufferers have even declared that they are actually dying from the pollen.


I fucking hate hay fever #dying

— Isabella Akers (@izzieakers)

Hay fever is killing me off today!! #dying #sniffsniff

— Naomi Fawcett (@NaomiFawcett)

Just today i went through a whole box of cleanex's #HayFever #Dying

— Flor de Estufa (@TopsiKrets)

8. Thankfully, many of these brave souls were actually able to document their slow, impending death through on Instagram, before the pollen ended their lives.


14. For those who have not been given the sweet release of death, the side affects of hay fever are as varied as they are serious. The symptoms include fantasies of serious self harm.

Could claw my eyeballs out with this hayfever!!!

— Ella Wright (@ellawright97)

As well as #suicidal thoughts.


My hayfever has started already. #suicidal

— Claire Connolly (@claireconn96)

can't believe how much hayfever fucks me over every morning. feeling suicidal

— Joanna Cynkowska (@jojoannax)

My hayfever makes me feel suicidal #itssobad

— SarahCharKidd (@Sazzzza_xo)

18. Hallucinations.

The hayfever this morning is powerful bruh. I sneezed so hard I swear I just had an out of body experience

— The DMs Lord (@Yo_WillyWonka)

19. Feelings of alienation.

No one understand how much Hayfever actually ruins my life

— Kierrr (@KieronEdwardss)

20. Violent tendencies.

If hayfever had a face, I would punch it.

— Gareth L Powell (@garethlpowell)

21. Extreme aggression.


Hayfever is an absolute prick ✋

— Frankie Thorpe (@Francesclaudia_)

Hayfever is a big fat slag

— Rachel Williams (@Rach_Williams36)

24. Aching testicles.

Having hay fever is such a ball ache

— Megan Edwards (@MegOnToast)

25. Risky decisions.

Sometimes I live life on the edge and walk out my house without taking my hay fever tablet.

— cholo (@altongilez)

26. Hyperbole.

Hayfever is the most irritating thing in the entire world

— cas (@casrobins)

27. Confusion.

Hayfever or cold?!

— Alex Hammond (@skysportsAlexH)

28. The ruining of one’s manly rep.

Had hay fever on the bus so it looked like I was getting emotional about leaving school. Hay fever Ruining my manly rep right there and then

— bradley cross (@bradleycrosss)

29. The deading of one’s life.

This hayfever is deading my life

— Sim MK1 (@Simeon_MK1)

30. Extreme feelings on the denier count and colour of women’s tights.

Hay fever making me sneeze. Woman next to me giving me evils. Although, I refuse to be judged by someone in clear tights. #BareLegOrBlack

— Jonny Fines (@JonnyFines)

31. Additionally, hay fever sufferers have even developed psychic abilities that allow them to predict both the time and the cause of their deaths.


Hayfever will be the death of me

— Peter O'Sullivan Tv (@PeterOSullivan_)

Hayfever will kill me by the end of the summer.

— Yusuf (@YusufBambi)

I'm sure hayfever is going to kill me this year

— Charlotte Simpson (@CharlotttteSimp)

Hayfever will end me today. Although it might be just a cold. Either way I'll die today.

— sophs (@sophulls)

Here’s to you, hay fever sufferers, on your continued battle through spring. May the anti-histamines be strong, and the pollen levels low.

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