35 Things You Miss About Britain When You’re Away On Holiday

Going away is nice, but nothing beats coming back home to blighty.

2. Proper bacon!

Universal Studios / Via gifstache.com


3. Proper queueing!

Spyglass Entertainment / Via whatculture.com



Cadbury / Via plus.google.com

“No, Hershey’s does NOT taste the bloody same.”

5. Being able to just pay for food at the bar.

Studio Canal / Via brightestyoungthings.com

Why must we faff around with a bill being brought to the table?

6. Paying with Chip & Pin.


So tired of swiping and signing and showing ID. SO TIRED.

7. Eating pizza with a knife and fork and having it be perfectly acceptable.

AP / Via dailyedge.ie

Sorry, New York.

8. People not talking to you.

Please stop being so POLITE.

9. People talking to you.

Channel 4 / Via Twitter: @BBCAndrewH

FINALLY people with some MANNERS.

10. Waiters who leave you alone when you eat.


“Thanks, Jeff. I don’t need to know your name, nor do I need you to ‘take care of me’ this evening. Please go away.”

11. …but don’t take 1000 years to bring you your bill.

12. Reliable public transport.

Even when it’s not-so-reliable.

13. Reasonable portion sizes.


14. Generally just knowing where you are, and where you’re going.

Columbia Pictures


15. … without the help of our nation’s flag being on every single street corner, house and building.

16. The (glorious) BBC.

17. British sausage.

Ooooh yeah.

18. Heinz Baked Beans.


19. Not being too hot.

Channel 4 / Via blogger.com

20. Not being too cold.

21. Drivers generally following the rules of the road.

New Line Cinema / Via o.canada.com

22. A nice, British breeze.

Channel 4


23. The burble of Radio 4.

24. Sunday roasts.

Studiocanal / Via forum.canardpc.com

Followed by an entire afternoon in the pub.

25. The collective sense of resigned melancholy.


26. Historic buildings that are properly old.

27. Having crisps and a pint being an acceptable meal on a week day.

New York Times / Via grabzon.com

28. Recognising the names of cities during the weather report.

BBC Breakfast / Via dailyedge.ie


29. The reassuring grey of British sky.

Shutterstock / BuzzFeed

30. A group of strangers appreciating and respecting the silence of a public place.


31. People understanding what the fuck you’re saying.

“I said GOOD DAY, SIR.”

32. British accents of any kind.

Channel 4 / Via wifflegif.com

33. Corner shops and mini-supermarkets.

Studio Canal

Studio Canal


34. Never taking a day of good weather for granted.


BBC / Via whatculture.com

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