31 Struggles Only People Who Commute Into London Will Understand

“Can you move down, please?” How about NO.

1. On your way into London, things can get a little bit crowded.

2. OK, very crowded.


4. But also a little bit weird.

5. And you’ll no doubt get barged out of the way by someone who just REALLY NEEDS A SEAT so they can do this.

6. There’s always some wanker who needs a seat for their bag.

Obviously David Cameron is one of those people who gives their bag its own seat on the train. Obviously! #tosser

— Debaaa (@Debaaa)

7. Their poor, tired bag.

People stood on the train whilst a tired bag gets a seat.

— Tintin (@TintinnyTins)

8. But there are also very important men with poor, tired feet.

Commuter of the Day: Fancy Commuter Man who is so exhausted from his journey, he has to put his feet up.

— Cate Sevilla (@CateSevilla)

9. And very important ladies with poor, tired feet.

Commuter of the Day (part 2): This lady with the tired feet.

— Cate Sevilla (@CateSevilla)

10. It’s amazing who will shove you out of the way to get a seat.

11. And it’s an absolute disaster when, after a hard day of work, you’re met with this.




14. Delays can be caused by many different things, such as flooding.

Floodin on the line is affecting #Woking bound trains

— South West Trains (@SW_Trains)

15. Trees.

This is the tree that was on the line in the #MaldenManor area -

— South West Trains (@SW_Trains)

16. Mystery drills.

Unclear whose drills these are but @FirstCC want answers. No services into Moorgate

— Tom Edwards (@BBCTomEdwards)

17. Geese.

Watching a surreal stand off between a goose and a @SW_Trains at Winchester. Holding up trains, it's fearless

— Rich Jarvis (@RichWFJarvis)

18. Sometimes even the guard doesn’t know what’s happening.

19. And the staff at the station don’t seem to care about your strife.


20. It can get almost apocalyptic when the trains go wrong.

Londoners, you could face a Gladiators-esque commute home via Blackfriars this evening http://t.co/Hu9mz7viHd

— Charlotte Meredith (@chmeredith)

21. And personal space becomes a thing of the past.

2 days in a row of dealing w/ crap like this?! And train fares are going up? What an absolute joke #southwesttrains

— natasha mullins (@tashachelsea)

22. Because as long as they’ve managed to get on the train, your fellow commuters don’t care how uncomfortable you are.

Commuter of the Day: The woman with the bag this close to my head...

— Cate Sevilla (@CateSevilla)

23. But there are occasional moments of goodwill.

Help me reunite this man with his water bottle. @FirstCC train Sutton to Elephant & Castle today at 3pm.

— Ɓrian Wernham (@BrianUkulele)

24. And unexpected sources of joy.

25. *squeeeeee*

Refraining from absolutely wetting myself with laughter at this dog on the tube

— Emma O'Halloran (@EmmaOHalloran1)

26. And sometimes just complete and utter silliness. Such as this “pet sandal”.

Some days you've just got to say "stuff it" and get yourself a pet sandal! @TfLOfficial @SW_Trains @ElDweebio @mazoe

— Adam White FLI (@davies_white)

27. And this modern businesswomen.


28. And this modern, drunk man who chose to sit on the floor.

29. If you go out after work, you’re punished by having to ride the train home with people like this.

30. And this.

31. And this guy.

But no matter how crowded or ridiculous, commuting in always somehow ends up being worth it.

Because LONDON.

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