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29 Things Everyone Who Didn't Go To University Will Understand

"Oh, so like, you didn't go to school?"

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9. When your friends would be complaining about their teachers, studying for exams, having homework, and you were just like:

Try having a BOSS.

12. Being the same age as your friends in uni, struggling with money, and not having a special discount equivalent to a student discount.

13. When you're out with people who are still in school and they complain that the place you're at doesn't offer a student discount.

"Oh my god, like, we have to pay FULL PRICE?!"

23. When people insist on wearing their "University of ______" jumpers and swag all the time as if anyone cares where they're going to school.

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"Oh wow, impressive! That person must be very smart," said no one about those jumpers ever.

28. The smug satisfaction you feel when it turns out you have a better job than the people who judged you for not going to uni.


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