29 Things Everyone Who Didn't Go To University Will Understand

    "Oh, so like, you didn't go to school?"

    1. How you fear potential employers will react when you tell them you didn't go to university or college.

    2. When you're asked "So, where did you go to uni?" first thing in a job interview.

    3. And when they don't laugh in your face or make you feel bad you're all like:

    4. When everyone's talking about their "semesters abroad".

    5. When you had to tell your parents that you weren't going to university.

    6. If you did go to university for a bit, having to tell your parents you were dropping out was...interesting.

    7. "But what will you do?!"

    8. When your extended family found out you weren't going to school and had OPINIONS.

    9. When your friends would be complaining about their teachers, studying for exams, having homework, and you were just like:

    Try having a BOSS.

    10. When you see uni students falling out of clubs and talking about their crrrraaazzzy parties and you have to go to work the next day.

    11. And then when you'd see the same students talking about how TIRED and EXHAUSTED they were in Starbucks.

    12. Being the same age as your friends in uni, struggling with money, and not having a special discount equivalent to a student discount.

    13. When you're out with people who are still in school and they complain that the place you're at doesn't offer a student discount.

    "Oh my god, like, we have to pay FULL PRICE?!"

    14. When, back in the day, you couldn't sign up to Facebook without a university email address.

    15. When your colleagues start talking about where they all went to university and then everyone realises you're the only person who didn't go.

    16. Especially if they all went to "Oxbridge".

    17. (When you had to google WTF "Oxbridge" was.)

    18. When people are mesmerised that you managed to have a career and a roof over your head without a degree.

    19. When people start talking about how university was "the best years of their lives" and you're just like:

    20. When people assume you didn't go to university because your parents were poor.

    21. Or insinuate that you weren't smart enough to get in.

    22. When it was actually your choice to not go.

    23. When people insist on wearing their "University of ______" jumpers and swag all the time as if anyone cares where they're going to school.

    24. When you see students wearing pyjama bottoms as trousers in the middle of the day.

    25. If your group of friends all went to university together, you felt mega left out hearing about all of their AMAZING EXPERIENCES together.

    26. But you soon realised that you grew up a lot quicker than they did.

    27. And ended up having a better start on the job market than they did.

    28. The smug satisfaction you feel when it turns out you have a better job than the people who judged you for not going to uni.


    But, perhaps most importantly...

    29. NO STUDENT DEBT!!!!!!!!!