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21 Words That Are Only Ever Used To Describe Women

"The bossy and ambitious woman flounced out of government in a haughty show of emotion!"

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Below is a list of words used regularly in the media and in general conversation to describe women. To help change the conversation, a list of alternative words and phrases has been provided.

1. "Flounces"

Alternatives: "takes a stand", "leaves", "quits"

2. "Shrill"

Alternatives: "direct"

3. "Bossy"

Alternatives: "authoritative", "assertive", "direct"

4. "Highly strung"


Alternatives: "apprehensive", "uneasy", "no-nonsense"

5. "Feisty"

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Alternatives: "tough", "direct", "straightforward", "lively"

6. "Emotional"

Alternatives: "passionate", "responsive", "enthusiastic"

7. "Pushy"

Alternatives: "bold", "assertive", "direct"

8. "Bubbly"

Alternatives: "lively", "enthusiastic"

9. "Hormonal"

Alternatives: Just don't fucking say this.

10. "Haughty"

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Alternatives: How about no?

11. "Frumpy"

Alternatives: NO.

12. "Exotic"

Alternatives: Just stop.

13. "Abrasive"

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Alternatives: "direct", "sharp"

14. "Brash"

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Alternatives: Again, try "direct", or "forward", or "assertive".

15. "Bewitching"

Alternatives: Nope.

16. "Ditzy"

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Alternatives: Noooope.

17. "Catty"


Alternatives: Why are you even using this? NO.

18. "Brusque"

Alternatives: "blunt", "assertive"

19. "Loose"

Alternatives: Oh god, just shut up.

20. "High-maintenance"

Alternatives: Fuck off.

21. "Ambitious"

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Alternatives: This word is all about context. Positive context ("Wow, she's so successful and ambitious!") is fine, but using in a negative "Wow, she's such a pushy bitch" context is NOT OK.