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13 Things To Expect Your Freshman Year Of College (As Told By Parks And Rec)

"I have no idea what I'm doing, but I know that I'm doing it really, really well."

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College kids, more or less, are all sort of the same.

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And if you're about to become one of them, there are a few things you should come to expect from your first year in higher education, as told by Parks and Rec.

1. Move-in day mood swings.

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On one hand, no more parents! But on the other hand, NO MORE PARENTS. Move-in day marks the beginning of your life as an independent adult, even though you still don't know how to make a healthy dinner (no, ramen definitely doesn't count). It's exciting, but it's also terrifying.

2. Endless calls from home.

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Keep your phone charged at all times, because your mom will miss you more than you will miss her. Even if her calls seem incessant, at least shoot her a text to tell her that yes, you're still alive, and yes, you did get the care package she sent in the mail, and no, you didn't forget your laptop charger -- oh wait, yes you did, can she send that ASAP?

3. Getting annoyed with your roommate.

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Maybe they're an early bird whose idea of studying means waking up at six am to review flashcards, or maybe they're the one who crawls back into the residence hall at 4 with vodka soda stains all over their shirt. Or maybe you're the one who takes a nap before dinner. Either way, they're gonna wake you up sometimes, and whether they do it on purpose or unintentionally, there's no way to avoid that grumpy wake-up hate.

4. Missing your dog.

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This one is probably the worst. Be prepared to squeal over every dog you see on campus and if the only reason you Skype home is so you can see your pup, just remember that you're not alone.

5. Terrible wifi traffic.

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When everyone in your dorm has their own wifi-enabled printer, expect the wifi to crash at the most inconvenient times, like at five am when you're scrambling to finish the six-page essay that's due in three hours. :/

6. Talking to your academic advisor.

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Oh my God, can't I just take pre-reqs for the next four years and not decide on a major? No? You sure?

7. Being broke.

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Buying anything over two dollars seems excessive, and you begin to question whether you really need more toothpaste or not. Also, you always seem to run out of quarters for the laundry right when you're on your last pair of clean underwear.

Somewhere in your residence hall, there's a guy with a sock full of quarters. Befriend that guy. Praise that guy. Bake that guy cookies.

8. Going ham at the dining station the first month...

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Spaghetti, mashed potatoes, cookies and chips at every meal... I mean, did they really expect college kids to eat healthy? Come on.

9. And then trying to cook when you inevitably run out of dining dollars.

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Sure, blame your burnt mac and cheese that set off the fire alarm on the ill-equipped kitchen, but we all know better.

10. The page-limit rush.

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The works cited page totally counts for an extra page, right?

11. Going to your first college party.

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Piss beer, SKOL vodka, and a drunk guy peeing in the bushes doesn't get old. Also, there's never enough hunch punch to go around.

12. Being hungover from your first college party.

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You'll wake up at 7 am and think you're fine, then go back to sleep and wake up at noon feeling like you just got hit by a dump truck. Sundays at the residence halls look a little bit like a college edition of The Walking Dead.

13. And, finally, feeling like you can take on the world.

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Pursuing a higher education is a huge accomplishment, and no matter what challenges you face along the way, your freshman year is the start of a brand new adventure paved with possibilities.

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