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What Happens When You Send The Grossest Tinder Messages From Men, To Men

When women use disgusting, real quotes sent to them from men to try to pick up other men, the results are as depressingly successful as you'd guess.

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Using the dating app Tinder, women (predominantly) receive unsolicited gross messages from men daily

So I decided to see what would happen if I sent men some of the most disgusting messages they've sent me or my friends (or that I've seen other women post online)

Results were immediately disheartening
Via Twitter: @CateLangelier

Results were immediately disheartening

Everything I sent them was 100% real and quoted verbatim

For the most part, they were very receptive

If they were skeptical of my word choices at first, it didn't take much to convince them

In fact, very little convincing was required

Some didn't mind the word choices at all

Some seemed to really like it

And if they didn't like it, they tended to get weirdly aggressive about it

(Note that this guy was holding a spinal cord in his DP)
Via Twitter: @CateLangelier

(Note that this guy was holding a spinal cord in his DP)

Even if you used their exact words against them

They were very willing to invite me into their homes

Or offer other personal information

I learned that men don't know what the D is when asked by a woman

Because there are more pressing questions to be answered


Gender-neutral come-ons were the most well-received. Even the weird ones

Or the confusing ones

But especially the overtly sexual ones

(Cheesy pick-up lines included)

But if there's one thing I learned from this, it's that guys are thirsty and shockingly unafraid of the world

But that there are also some really decent ones out there

Goodbye men of Tinder! I hope you find what you're looking for

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