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20 Children Died Today – What Can You Do For Your Family Safety

In India, according to National Crime Records Bureau & Ministry of Road Transport & Highway, 20 children under the age of 14 die every day due to accidents. These accidents could be due to drunken driving, intoxication, infrastructure problem, or rash driving. It is obvious you cannot control outer influences but you can definitely take certain measures to ensure your family safety.

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The most important step is to download the family safety app.

Following safety regulations and being precautious is we all do, even our kids know not to go with strangers or eat anything someone offers still we daily read in newspapers about these incidents and they definitely scare us. So to ensure your family's safety, download CatchMe, a family safety app for android, which would help you in many situations.

Family Safety App in Accidents

A family safety app cannot prevent an accident but can ensure you get help as soon as possible. When we are in an accident, our first though is to call for help and the second is to get in touch with our family. This family safety app for android ensures you both. With the help of SOS Alarm button, you could notify your family about your current location & ask for help.

While waiting for the help, you could get in touch with family members through CatchMe's Messaging & ask questions or tell details of the specific items you may require.

Family Safety App for School going Kids

Many schools don't allow kids to carry mobile phones so how can you know when they reached school, whether they reached school safely and are they on their way to home now. With the tracker device that comes with the best family safety app you can safely track your kid, even school bus to reach in-time to pick & drop your kids.

Similarly CatchMe's tracker device could be use to track the school bus. Set up school and home as meeting area with 1 Km radius and as soon as the bus reaches that area, a popup would appear alerting for the approaching vehicle.

Family Safety App in dangerous situations

A family safety app is very efficient for preventing any dangerous situations. If you think you are being followed notify of your location to your emergency contact. Providing for lack of time to open app in dangerous situations, best safety app for iphone comes with feature to enable alarm button without opening the app.

Family Safety App - a must-have on vacations

We love to spend explore or visit different places with our family but sometimes these beautiful days turn ugly because of minor incidences. Imagine you have gone hiking & got hurt, you don't even know your exact location. Through this family safety app, you could contact emergency services or your family members and send your live location.

Family Safety App – while waiting

Its boring to wait for someone without knowing how much longer you have to wait especially waiting while doing nothing. If you know how much time they are going to take you can utilize your waiting time. CatchMe, Family Safety App for Android, help you in setting up meeting areas where you would be notified as soon as your family member reaches the radius of the meeting area.

This is the same meeting area discussed for tracking school bus. It is a unique feature and helps you save time.

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