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Which Hoe R U

hey guys

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  1. What is your FAVE hobby???

    trying to get into college
    having abs
    eating cats
    using your own tears to watercolor paint
  2. What type of music do you listen to?

    2013 bastille
    COuntry YEE HAW tracTORS drinkin BEER SUmmertime
    that one emo song by the 1975
    hamiltrash (High level)
    23 planes
    hamiltrash (Low level)
    hamiltrash (Medium level)
  3. best feature?

    left ass cheek
    abs (again)
    hourglass figure
    spider fingers
    crippling self doubt
  4. what boy do you talk about with your friends?

    james murderdeath sabella
    that one guy w the abs in that instagram photo
    joe showemakekjreklwkere mascmahs
    coach brandon
    aj rizer
    sam savage's foot hoe
  5. Prized posession?

    your psych notes
    that ceramic octopus u made at art camp
    the blue saab B)
    yoga pants
    noah bellovich's love and devotion
    a cat carcass u found on the street
  6. Pet peeve?

    when andrew flem is 20 mins late
    the institution
    Simon Chen
    gettin flicked
    house parties @ liam walsh's
    ruthie impastataototootaoo
    when ppl argue in AP gov
  7. favorite food?

    ANYTHING other than thai chicken pizza
    Elizabeth connor's pancakes
    luxe sauce
    olive garden
    raspberry snapple
  8. Which choir accessory are you?

    Annette's cutoff yoga pants
    Richard's piano
    The democrat sign in Pratt's office
    a stray hair squirrel
    hailey martin
    the issue of the tower on the wall where they exposed the choir for doing drugs
  9. what will you never do again?

    open a snapchat from peter lianos
    leave your computer open before the north south game
    offer to make spirit wear
    step foot on cranbrook's premises
    respond to patrick schmidt's texts
    deny the opportunity to eat a rice crispy treat
  10. who is the one that got away? (for the best)

    carter gagn
    john wheelz
    daniel follis if muriel didnt STEAL HIM AWA
    harry sus
    gino calisiisisisisiisi
    alex johnson
    that british guy from harbor beach
  11. where are you right now?

    grace brandon's basement (hint: you are not grace brandon, this is not your basement)
    cousin's birthday party
    w tiffany furichiahiaia
    leadership camp
    hiding under your bed watching a documentary
    giant bean bag
  12. How do you cope with stress?

    mass HOMICIDE
    watching 500 days of summer 38 times
    disney SING IT
    laughing excessively
    crying to rivers & roads for 3 hours
    haha BYE
  13. someone says "dance!" You proceed to...

    dislocate your arms to the music
    shake dat ass
    juju on that beat
    do the first few moves from pain proof
    go "oh SHOOT!"
    do something complicated but smile the whole time
    do the cha cha slide

Which Hoe R U

You got: Hailey martini

I dated shrek once and it was okay. i love to get CRUNK!!! but honestly i havent been the same since i lost the love of my life, Harry Susalla. i get myself confused with tiffany furicirihchaihaiaa. i dont know how to read or write.

Hailey martini
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You got: Olive garden

Im a demon and i like my friends enough to participate in generic group activities, but i don't understand why they aren't cats. im such a good dancer that im the dance captain for both sounds of south AND tower belles!! People are afraid to drive with me because I like to turn corners quickly in my minivan, with little to no caution because i TRULY WANT to hit someone.

Olive garden
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You got: ellen connors

I like to SUCCEED and in order to do that i do lots of SUFFERING. on the weekends i love to get lti (i know what im saying) and watch movies and think pensively about the future of america. when i grow up i would like to be a shoemaker but not like the last name or anything i would like to make shoes and also attend university of michigan

ellen connors
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You got: molli

Caucasian. female. 7 foot long legs. i have to go my dad's here (if u need to contact me please go through marquita suzanne bedway or mrs nardone thank u) (donations for poetry books accepted as well) (help Me) ps james sabella if you're reading this fuck you

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You got: murt

my life is a disaster. i cry all the time over stupid things like dogs and broken friendships and for some reason i can't make anything other than small bowls in my ceramics class. i live by the philosophy you gotta make em laugh so they forget you ugly HAGS

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You got: lanie

i have great abs. i do not trust boys.

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You got: grac

looks like a simple chicken nugget but is actually trained in witch craft. family consists of mother, football, and CURIOUS SMALL BOY oh and that loud ass dog who seems scared all the time. i heart noah bellovich and i laugh when i am uncomfortable which is always. screw you dani dulworth i am WAY BETTER at counting money than u

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