How To Apply For A Job At BuzzFeed (I Hope)

You want ideas? I got lots of ‘em. While I think of some good examples, here’s why you should hire me for the NY fellowship, or at least let me interview.

1. I have writing experience!

For example…

2. I can write about Alzheimer’s

3. …or the obesity epidemic facing all of us.

4. I’ve written about how the last election left lots of millennials (like me) hopeless

Obamacare? Point proven.

5. …and huff-posts about the absurdity of Facebook (and our expectations).

6. But let’s start at the beginning…

7. During a short stint at the White House,

I worked fourteen hour days, coordinating events and writing for briefings and press releases.

8. I started writing web articles during an internship at National Geographic.

There, I worked on info pages for shows on dinosaurs, life in Alaska, Amazon headshrinkers, the Maya Codex, and really weird fish.

9. Now, I’m writing a book! (Not 100% relevant, but it shows ambition)

If not a doorstop, perhaps you will see it as one of those tragic DIY tear-a-worthless-book-apart projects.

10. I can also “defend myself appropriately” in Spanish

Despite the Spanish last name, I’m not 100% fluent, (Thanks, parents)… but I can carry on advanced conversations.

11. Did I tell you I’m edumucated?

That’s right, I got a degree from a school that can’t spell university.

12. That degree, by the way, was in International Affairs.

Which means I have lots of ideas about different places…

13. And, of course, I’ve posted to BuzzFeed

…and was very excited it when I made it to the Tech front page.

14. Because BuzzFeed is Awesome.

BuzzFeed and I have something in common. We’re both creative and unconventional. I would love the chance to help BuzzFeed share the new, the weird, and the wondrous with its readers.

Thanks for taking the time to read my cover-post.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions (alright, concerns) about my qualifications.
Links to Twitter (@CatCastell), Facebook, LinkedIn, and my personal site can be found on my resume.


Cat del Valle Castellanos

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