16 Easy, Festive Holiday Garlands

Elves ain’t got nothin’ on you.

1. Let’s start with a classic.

While your snowflakes don’t have to look this ornate, doilies are cheap and make fancy snowflakes with a little extra clipping.

Use fishing line to hang them and let it snow.

2. Ooh, marshmellows.

Screw popcorn, a marshmallow garland is so much better.

3. And, of course, Christmas bulbs

Eight or ten hanging bulbs would look great instead of a floral centerpiece.

4. Which also look nice with ribbon…


String various sized ornaments onto a ribbon and voila! Take that Martha Stewart.

For more specific directions on this exact garland, visit Mint Love Social Club.

6. Don’t throw away the leftover ribbon!

7. We can’t forget about candy canes…

Start by gluing together the “heart” shapes. Let dry, then layer them up.
Finish off with mini silver bells.


Use buttons for a whimsical touch.

9. Speaking of buttons…

10. But maybe you want to bring the outdoors inside?

It doesn’t get any simpler than this.


Just spray paint and twine.


Faux-Snow. Not feeling the rustic simplicity? Add glitter and bold ribbon for an updated look.

13. Done making your cookies?

14. While we’re in the kitchen, check out these wreaths.

Heather Donohue Crafts / Via heatherdonohue.wordpress.com

They’re made of royal icing. More info (and other great ideas) here.

15. Back to the classics. The good ole’ paper chain (remixed)

“Elf-ing” your house a la Will Ferrell can be quite simple if you invest in a paper trimmer, available from Amazon for around $18.00.

Hint: Vary the widths and lengths for each garland for different looks.

16. And last but not least, tinsel.

Simple. Hang some metallic, red, or green string and tinsel away!

Warning: they have the vacuum cleaner ready for a reason.

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