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12 Awesome, Outdoorsy Decor Ideas

Faux Bois is French for "False Wood." While the term may be asking for a joke, it means serious decor.

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3. Birch Wall Panel


Not everyone has birch trees in their backyard (or the equipment to massacre them into fine little pieces). But with a handy friend, you could do this to a section of a wall. Martha glues the disks to panels so you're not permanently stuck in the woods.

7. Faux Bois Paint Cans


Paint cans add a touch of whimsy, but if you want to take a more traditional route, just stick with plain ole vases, boxes, or anything you like.

The wrap on these is just shelf liner. Purchase "real" looking wood liner Here

Here's a greenish one available from Amazon

10. Picture Frame Art


Personally, monogramming reminds me of my mother initialing my underwear before summer camp. If you do not have this problem, have at it. if you do, you can always create image or word art.

Paper Source has similar wrapping paper- available in both sheets and rolls.

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