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18 Librarians Who Think They're Cats

All work and no play makes Marian a dull librarian.

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1. This fuzzy guy can't decide whether he wants to be inside or outside. Don't worry, we'll just leave the door open for 10 minutes while you decide. That's not snow on the ground, it's fine, just fine.

5. Mr. McMoustache here is displaying full-on cat behavior, having opened some drawers and then sprawling out on top of whatever he pleases. Don't be surprised when those things go flying off the counter.

6. Ms. Lionlocks likes being in high places, sleeping, and lazily contemplating knocking a few books down. Inevitably she'll yowl till you help her down and then claw you because you picked her up.

7. Watch out for this one, he's pretty good at hiding in the stacks and ambushing unsuspecting passersby. Luckily, he uses nail caps so the damage to students and furniture is minimized.

16. It's very common for librarians to be fascinated with sticks and yarn. This one is doubly blessed, as she has a large tote bag for curling up in for spontaneous naps whenever the stresses of attending a conference become too much.

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