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10 Awesome Girl Toys From The 2000's We All Miss

R.I.P our childhood

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10. My Scene

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Ugh, My Scene dolls were so great. They were taller than that basic girl Barbie. They wore clothes that you could probably actually find at your local mall and they had the BEST online fashion games ever. They also had cute bfs that wore fresh to death clothes (check out that leather jacket, damn.) Sadly, all good dolls will eventually come to an end. Except for Barbie.

R.I.P. 2002-2011

9. Flavas

Mattel / Via

Probably the world's most swaggiest squad out there that could probably kick your ass. Scared mothers of America probably boycotted these dolls considering they were discontinued in just a year of being released. It's okay, we'll always remember you by Craig David's "What's your Flava."

8. What's Her Face

Mattel / Via

Okay let's admit, these dolls looked creepy as hell whenever they didn't have a face. I didn't know how to draw faces so I would just flower stamp the shit out of their faces until they looked like some cyborg floral chick. It was also most likely that your doll was bald most of the time since the wigs would always be super easy to lose. What's Her Face was available for purchase from 2001 to 2003.

7. Liv Girls

Spin Master / Via

If Spin Master learned anything from Mattel's Teen Trends dolls, it's that having a group of dolls that look like "Barbie and Friends" just aren't Barbie and Friends. Unfortunately, similar to Teen Trends, Liv Girls were discontinued in just a 3 years time span. That's too bad because it's not everyday you have a Sophie Monk doll. Oh wait.

6. Pixel Chix

Mattel / Via

Think Tamagotchi meets Clueless. The possibilities were endless when it came to Pixel Chix. You could connect your house to the mall, to your car, to your other car, etc. Also, all of the Pixel Chix besides Miss Sporty are voiced by the always incredible, Tara Strong. As of 2009, Pixel Chix are no longer to be found. Sad face.

5. everGirl

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everGirl was the ultimate preteen lifestyle brand. It had a cool as hell website where you could play girl games and take girl personality tests, girl this, girl that. It had a Game Boy Advance game (because we all owned one.) It also had everGirl dolls that you could customize through different doll clothing. Most importantly, everGirl's theme song was sung by a freaking awesome Swedish pop band called Play. Please tell me you remember Play.

4. Secret Central

Hasbro / Via

These were super short lived dolls that came with a locker, accessories and a random live action movie based on the dolls. Also, if you never even owned these dolls, you totally remember them from the Mean Girls DVD opening previews, although it sadly isn't on the VHS previews. Also, let's take a moment to remember that Mean Girls was actually released on VHS at one point in history.

3. Bratz Babyz

MGA Entertainment / Via

Well okay Bratz are still going strong but the chola "babyz" versions aren't. We haven't heard from them since 2007 and it's probably for the best. Also I might just have a grudge for these dolls considering the "bubble trouble" version of the doll on the right haunted me as a kid. Long story short: she turned on in the middle of the night and started giggling. They must be pressed to talk. I was in my bed. 10 feet away. Sleeping like a cinnamon bun. How ???

2. Betty Spaghetty

Ohio Art Company / Via

Girl you remember these. The fact that she was practically part spaghetti/part girl is what made it so great. She's sort of like Polly Pocket's long lost pasta cousin. Betty Spaghetty had awesome pasta friends too. They were all super bendable and that's cool and all but the hype didn't last. Betty and her squad went away in 2004 :-(

1. Diva Starz

Mattel / Via

Diva Starz were those hella awesome dolls you asked Santa (your mom) for Christmas in 2000. Even though they weighed as much as a yorkie, the fun was always endless. They were sadly discontinued in 2004 but the legacy lives on. If you didn't have the dolls, you probably played the Diva Starz flash games at least once in your preteen life. But what made these dolls great were their interactiveness considering they would speak and "acknowledge" what garment they were wearing due to small metal contacts located in the clothing and on the body. So they were pretty much robots. Fashionable robots.

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