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    Theo James May Actually Be A Mythological God

    If Queen Elizabeth and Zeus mated, this is what it would look like. Meet the perfect British-Greek hybrid.

    This is a real, live man and not an ancient, chiseled statue.

    Being born Theodore Peter James Kenneth Taptiklis proves there are not enough names to contain his sexiness.

    You may remember him as charming Turkish diplomat Kemal Pamuk on Downton Abbey.

    Or the recent star of the short-lived CBS series Golden God, er, Golden Boy.

    And now Divergent fans everywhere are rejoicing because this prized man specimen will be playing the character Four in the the film series.

    Even Shailene Woodley can't believe how handsome he is... She wants the whole world to see that smile!

    He majored in philosophy at Mount Olympus.*

    He also sings and plays the guitar just to test the strength of your human heart.

    Here he is taking a bath with lavender salts and listening to Sarah McLachlan.

    Here he's arguing why Harry Styles is the best member of One Direction.

    Here he is trying to look tough, but we know those arms are meant only for long, thoughtful hugs.

    Black & white photo = HE IS A SERIOUS F***ING ACTOR

    Pastels don't frighten this Adonis.

    He is a bona fide stone cold fox. Again, not a statue.

    In conclusion, the world is a better place with this beautiful immortal in our presence.