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How "Catastrophe" Is Portraying The Most Realistic Relationship On Television

Love happens in a lot of different ways. Catastrophe is showing us the funniest. All episodes of Season 4 drop on Amazon Prime Video Friday, March 15.

1. From the get-go, the "meet-cute" that sets this series in motion is sort of...anything but.

2. The inception of Rob and Sharon's relationship feels every bit as awkward and humorous and endearing as it should be.

3. Catastrophe doesn't serve up a whole lot of "sexy" sex scenes...they're more of the conversation-after-sex scenes.

4. Rob and Sharon's arguments, while portrayed with irreverent humor, are actually pretty well-rooted in reality.

5. And the moments in which we see them make up are heartwarming and romantic in their subtlety.

6. And the series has nailed down that "cabin fever" stage of a relationship with dialogue that is honest and aware of the quasi-irrational resentment partners experience.

7. But even when Rob and Sharon are in the midst of a disagreement, their empathy towards one another remains wholly evident.

8. As lovers, they aren't perfect.

9. And as parents, they're not either.

10. Same goes for being a dinner party guest.

11. But while their relationship may be flawed, it's unmistakably clear that Rob and Sharon couldn't be better suited for one another.

*Swoons realistically*

All imagery courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

The final season of Catastrophe drops on Amazon Prime Video Friday, March 15. Stream all episodes here.

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