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11 Unreal, LOL-Worthy Moments Anyone In A Long-Term Relationship Will Understand

Relationships... They're a whole lot of adjectives! Catch every moment of Sharon and Rob's relatable antics when Catastrophe returns for season 4 on Friday, March 15, on Amazon Prime Video.

1. When you find yourself in the mood to disagree about literally anything and end up in a heated debate about basement masturbation.

2. When you're both so consistently tired after work that "missing date night" becomes more of a tradition than actual date night.

3. When your S.O. comes up with a sorry excuse for watching an episode of your fave show without you.

4. When you concede and let your partner retain 75% of the sheets, since any countereffort has proven completely moot.

5. When you discover you've got a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde dichotomy going on between work and home.

6. The moment you begin to memorize each other's schedules like the back of your be-ringed hands.

7. When your definitions of "clean" meet a crossroads.

8. And any time you experience instances of "healthy" competition.

9. Those moments you find it impossible to avoid rolling your eyes at a couple discussing how "perfect" their relationship is.

10. And yet, you couldn't bear the thought of being lightly frustrated with anyone else on this planet.

11. Because at the end of the day, you've picked the perfect person to be an absolute mess with.

Imagery courtesy of Amazon Prime Video.

All episodes of Catastrophe's final season are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video Friday, March 15.