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13 GIFs That Are Honestly Too Real If You’re In A Relationship

If you're anything like Rob and Sharon, you've lived through it all. Season 3 of the Amazon Original Catastrophe premieres April 28 on Prime Video.

1. There are basically no boundaries in your relationship.

2. And you're always there for each other, even in the toughest of times.

3. You speak in a weird language only you two understand.

4. You just really understand each other.

5. And even when you don't, you're always willing to talk things out and apologize.

6. Sometimes you go to bed angry. But you're not, like, that angry.

7. You know way too much about each other's diets.

8. Your parents kinda get along.

9. You're united against common enemies.

10. Surprisingly, you two actually agree on what to watch.

11. And when it comes to food, you two are on the same page.

12. The same with vacations.

13. And TBH, there's no other fanny you'd rather spend your life looking at.

All images courtesy of Amazon Studios.

For more of these super-relatable relationship moments, check out Season 3 of the Amazon Original Catastrophe, premiering April 28 on Prime Video!

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