These Insane Sales Jingles Prove That Life Imitates Parody

Cat And Girl's comic is based on these 100% earnest company-written sales songs.

Cat And Girl • 4 years ago

Science Geeks Vs Art Geeks

"The Two Cultures" as told by Cat And Girl. F.R. Leavis giving a wedgie to C.P. Snow.

Cat And Girl • 4 years ago

6 Questionable Ways We Define 'Success'

It takes a degree of mental illness to become a super successful businessman, as it turns out.

Cat And Girl • 4 years ago

Handy Comics And Venn Diagram For Every Job On Earth

Cat And Girl knows what you give up, even if you're lucky enough to be employed. Plus: a helpful Venn diagram!

Kevin Tang • 4 years ago

5 True Comics About Retro Fashion

Comics by Cat And Girl. Graphs by Kevin Tang, a total shithead.

Cat And Girl • 4 years ago