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    31 Pieces Of Clothing And Accessories From Target So Gorgeous, You Just Might Wear Them All Winter Long

    Whether it be a staple item or a statement piece, you will wonder why you ever wore anything else.

     Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A green sweatshirt dress for you to slowly ease into wearing anything but pajamas. You do not need be uncomfy to look *bomb*!

    The model wearing the sweater dress

    2. A pair of shiny black leggings to stay comfortable but also ~slay~. I know you're not trying to wear jeans yet. I gotchu, boo boo!

    Model wearing the leggings

    3. A mock neck, puffy sleeved, floral dress for the times you want to bring some joy into this new year. Pick your favorite print and show it off in your next Zoom meeting.

    Model wearing the dress

    4. A pair of light wash, high-rise jeans with a sassy little striped detail to brighten up your everyday look. Slip these babies on, do a lil' dance, and be that productive boss babe that you are!

    The jeans paired with brown clogs

    5. A ruffled mini skirt so you can channel the the early 2000s with an extra flair. This time maybe don't layer it over some jeans though...K?

    Model wearing the skirt

    6. A delicate knit sweater for you to tie together any outfit you might think of. I personally would wear this top with pretty much *anything*. Denim, flowy dresses, miniskirt, lacy undies, you name it.

    Model wearing the sweater

    7. A lace sweater with appliqué details to dress up the quarantine that we are all still in. Sweatshirt but make it ~fashun~.

    A model wearing the sweater

    8. An adorable pair of cut-out booties to slip on for work or that grocery run you make once a week. I dress up for any occasion where I leave my apartment. Checking the mail? Well hunny make that driveway your runway!

    The shoe

    9. A balloon-sleeved jumpsuit for the elevated at home vibe. Work from home but make it *CHIC*.

    A model wearing the jumpsuit

    10. A flowy dress to wear for any and all occasions. How does one look fabulous without actually trying? It's called a dress, my guy.

    A model wearing the dress

    11. A pair of high-rise, cropped pants for those of you who mean business. These can be worn with a graphic tee and some Birks, or you could dress it up with a button-down and some statement accessories. You do you boo boo!

    The pants

    12. A pair of trendy sweatpants to wear year-round. Oh you think my sweats are lazy? Well these are *art* mom.

    The sweatpants with illustrations of faces

    13. A trendy utility jumpsuit for all of your daily activities. If y'all are not obsessed with this piece from Universal Thread I am not sure I am doing this job right. I need one in every single color!

    A model wearing the jumpsuit

    14. A sassy, striped dress, because there are warmer days to come. I wanna wear this with my platform sneakers and a denim jacket. Such a ~vibe~.

    A model wearing the dress

    15. A velvet, floral dress for those days that are chilly in the morning but warm up in the afternoon. You know those are coming!

    A model wearing the dress

    16. A pair of rustic and stylish earrings to dress up any look. No look is complete without something hanging from your lovely lobes!

    The earrings

    17. An ombré sweater dress for the days where you need to be a human who interacts with others but secretly you want to stay in bed and binge episodes of Chef's Table. Have no fear my love, your bed will be there waiting for you once you get that stuff done.

    A model wearing the dress

    18. A few floral rings because sometimes you need to flaunt your fingers. Who doesn't like a little bit of sparkle and flowers? Now no fingers will be left out!

    The gold and crystal stacked rings

    19. A dreamy pink clutch for the days you wanna pretend you are out on the town with your gals. Throw in some lipgloss, some breath mints, your phone, and you are all set.

    The clutch

    20. A pair of Wild Fable cat-eye sunnies so you can shield yourself from the glare of your own shine. But really though, I am obsessed with these and will be purchasing *immediately*.

    The sunglasses

    21. An animal print, tote handbag for the days where you need to just carry everything around with you (i.e. ALWAYS). Is there anything Universal Standard can't do? I mean look at this ~chic~ bag!

    The bag

    22. A captain hat to tie together all of your outdoor looks. For those of you who are tired of beanies or floppy hats, here's your next move!

    A mannequin wearing the hat

    23. A pair of geometric, gold earrings for the times you need to add an extra spark to your *'fit*. There is something so minimalist and beautiful about this trend and I am HERE. FOR. IT.

    The earrings

    24. A round-neck cozy shirt to have the perfect staple in your closet. The details and slight crop on this shirt makes it stand out while still emphasizing an elegant simplicity.

    A model wearing the shirt

    25. A sheer, long-sleeved blouse with a ruffled collar to show 'em who's boss! The sheerness of the fabric adds an extra sauciness that is undeniable.

    A model wearing the blouse

    26. A chain link necklace so you can layer it with every other gold necklace and chain you might have. Layering is all the rage these days and there is nothing like chunky chain link necklace to add versatility to your dainty layers.

    The necklace

    27. A wide-brimmed felt fedora for the days that you truly feel yourself and wanna tie together a solid look. This hat is lovely for any season and it will be perfect for those spring outings to soak up the first drops of sunshine.

    A mannequin wearing the fedora

    28. A pair of heeled clog pumps, because these shoes are perfect for dressing up any ol' outfit and can be the perfect lift you need to perk up your style!

    The clog

    29. A pair of faux snakeskin sneakers for when you want to tie together my two favorite worlds, style and comfort. If you haven't noticed already, that is a theme I follow relentlessly.

    The shoe

    30. A puffy-sleeved eyelet blouse that just screams joy. These balloon sleeves and little design details make me want to be on some terrace (safely) enjoying some brunch and mimosas!

    A model wearing the shirt

    31. A moto jacket for the days you feel like an extra ~baddie~.

    A model wearing the jacket

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