Miley Cyrus’ Butt Must Be Uncomfortable

Unlike in the commercial, people ARE sharing their crescent rolls, and gladly, too. The latest fashion trend is to show off your doughy butt cleavage, in what is called “underbutt” shorts. Rihanna famously exposed the trend with a revealing tweet of her bum. Though her shorts showed more full bun, than crescent sliver. And Miley Cyrus followed suit with the “cheeky” shorts that are becoming popular.

It’s getting hot in here, but please don’t take off all of your clothes

1. There are some problems with the underbutt trend, including:

2. Buses are not know for their cleanliness, and you’re going to sit your bare bum down in one…

3. Uncovered bottoms mean but prints everywhere

4. It is sure to attract eyeballs

5. When you have to keep pulling down your shorts,

and you just want to hide!


7. This look can not be transitioned to a college or work environment

This look may fit in at Bonaroo where it is socially acceptable to wear body paint, continually flash the peace sign, become spontaneously patriotic and do drugs, all at the same time, but don’t try it at work.

8. You may look like a Rugrat

If you don’t always carry the proper posture, it may make you look like you are wearing diapers.

9. It may not look great from every angle

Though it may look OK in front of the mirror at home, you can’t consider every possible scenario and position you may find yourself walking about in public.

10. You have to be OK with some people judging you

11. Somethings should be kept secret

Why reveal everything right away?

12. Grocery shopping becomes compromising

Reaching for the top shelf may give you wedgies.

13. Temperature changes

It may be hot outside, but if you then sit in a cold office or lecture hall, your bum quickly gets chapped.

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