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    10 Hot Girl Summer Haiku To Make Your Summer Extra Hot

    Let's get live with the 5-7-5 just like we did in middle school except now with 1000% more syllables about our thighs or whatever.


    thick thighs may save live but you haven't seen mine yet. we will ruin you.
    Nicole Sonsini


    Twisted Tea buzzing, Stumble into the bathroom, leave with new best friends.
    Nicole Sonsini


    dating older men is fun until he texts you shit like "good evening"
    Nicole Sonsini


    We are no longer, giving our time to boys who, have that TikTok hair
    Nicole Sonsini


    Best friends will play you, Olivia Rodrigo's, Album on repeat
    Nicole Sonsini


    sundresses, crop tops, bellies out all summer long. all bodies are bomb
    Nicole Sonsini


    my love language is sending memes in the same room and staring at you
    Nicole Sonsini


    Stay hydrated and stay out of people's business if you want clear skin
    Nicole Sonsini


    if ever you are confused about dusty men: what would megan do?
    Nicole Sonsini


    astrology girls may none of your mercuries be in retrograde
    Nicole Sonsini
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