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    • CasualFanboy

      Wow. I think we’ve found a journalist in Mr. Vary so ignorant, careless, and unable to grasp basic concepts that even Fox News would hesitate to employ the man. Generous of Buzzfeed to give obscenely stupid people an opportunity to support themselves. This article reads like the vague opinions of a drunk fratboy who once gave a passing glance to Mockingjay’s Cliffs Notes. This article has all the consideration, coherence, and worth of a dirt-smeared, wild-eyed hobo’s ramblings to himself. This article’s suggestions sound like they were brainstormed by a think tank of all-star morons, populated by the likes of Stephenie Meyer, Michael Bay, Dan Slott, Elmer Fudd, and Sarah Palin, all led by Dilbert’s pointy-haired boss.

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