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    The Character Leonardo DiCaprio Always Plays

    He is one of the best actors of our generation and it seems like he’s always playing the same role.

    Have you ever noticed that Leonardo DiCaprio seems to be really good at playing the charming rogue character? In so many movies that he has starred and excelled in, you start to see a very clear pattern: he plays the guy who seems to con people in one way or another, but he can get away with it because he's smart, good looking, or a general combination of both.

    Here are some examples of what we're talking about:

    Jack Dawson, Titanic (1997)

    An artist who fell in love with a girl on the ill fated ship.

    Dominic Cobb, Inception (2010)

    A world class thief who can go into your dreams and subconscious.

    Frank Abagnale, Catch Me If You Can (2002)

    A man who conned people into believing he was a doctor, a lawyer, a pilot, and a lot more.

    With his newest character Jordan Belfort,

    the man from Wall Street who conned people out of their money is right along with that tradition.

    While this may be considered typecasting, we love it! He seems to really be able to understand that type of character and also make us sympathetic to that character! Keep doing what you're doing Leo!

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