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    Shows That We Wished Would Make A Spin Off

    These spin offs are things we want and deserve!

    It's always a sad day when your favorite TV show is off the air forever, but some shows are so good that they deserve to continue in one way or another. With the growing popularity in spin offs for TV shows, here's hoping we can make this work!

    Lizzie McGuire

    This show made Hilary Duff a household name and was part of the revitalization of the Disney channel. The show ended when the characters are about enter high school. We would have loved to have seen what happens next! We feel like Disney could make a spin off of this great show, whether with new actors, or go for a Girl Meets World kind of thing and show the original actors as adults.


    This show basically rewrote the book on making a comedy and it was great! We miss the show about nothing, and we would love to see what happened to George, Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer!


    We know that the secret to this success was that the cast worked best when working together, but we feel like we really need a Joey and Chandler spin off is necessary. All of the stars have gone on to do other things, but the chemistry between those two was especially great!

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