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Saying Goodbye To Finn

Grab some tissues for this week's Glee episode.

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We have known for a few months that would be doing a memorial episode for Cory Monteith's character Finn Hudson. Fox has given us a song list and released behind the scenes quotes of how the cast was coping. But it seems, with the first two episodes of Glee that have aired for season 5, we were lulled into an almost sense of security.

The happiness of Kurt and Blaine's engagement, the two week parade of great Beatles songs, prom, we almost forgot what was coming next. Then we were hit with this:

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We really couldn't get through the 33 seconds without tearing up, and we doubt you could either. Monteith's character was one of the original members and his parting from the show will no doubt be painful. It seems that the best that we can do to prepare is have a box of tissues handy when we tune in for "The Quarterback".

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